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Electronics Furniture

but, for 43 years

specialized in consoles, work stations, desks and all manner of cabinetry and furniture specific, but not limited to,
the video, audio and film post-production scene in and around San Francisco.
We also quite enjoy designing and building retro-furturistic furniture
but, in fact, we'll tackle almost anything.
A few examples of our work follow. We add exhibits
as time and digitization make them available.

First up, a desk we designed & built for DTM Radio Networks.
The assignment was to get as much production gear into as small a space as possible.

Menace Studio Furniture


Aspiring to the highest possible audio quality, client Dennis "The Menace" Scheyer
produces three hours of syndicated independent radio per week.
Not shown are thousands of CDs, acres of vinyl, and some 65,000 mp3s.
Click on the desk to visit the world of Dennis The Menace and Independent Rock Radio.
Click Here for more pix, a list of gear, and the floor plan.

Lately we've built quite a bit of furniture designed to contain components and gear
appurtenant to home theater and audiophile environments.
Check out a tasty minimalist Media Credenza built for Melanie & Mike Barti, of Sausalito.

Click on the thumbnail for a detailed photo essay on a media credenza commissioned for and by
the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Goldwasser, of San Francisco.

Goldwasser Credenza

Step into Jim's workshop here.

Above (right, ahem) is a console we built for the Retina film-tape transfer facility,
featuring DaVinci technology. Note satisfied customer.
See pix, details, and legs here.

Photos from our ongoing work for long-standing client Rough House Editorial

Photos and the Master Plan from a Hollywood Job.

Once in a while we do a Kitchen & Bath.
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Photos from Asphodel LTD's Mix Credenza and Synthesizer Room.

Check out some fine Office Furniture we've just built for Phoenix Editorial Services.

How about a Home Office Suite?

Or a nice Executive Desk?

Or Dr. Brian Grossman's brand new wenge guitar display unit?

Is this guy loaded for bear, or what?
Wenge is a sort of African rosewood, dark & dense with a highly variable grain
that can run from tight to broad, whose color can vary from black to almost a copper.
Excellent for either solid or veneered furniture and cabinetry,
we did three wenge projects in the summer of '08 alone --
this display unit, a two-sink bath vanity, and a dining credenza.

BTW & FYI, the Doc can play them, too!

A Cone of your Own!: use Jim's formula to calculate your very own cone.

See the rare Generatrix Integral, the hairy expression that generates right-angled cones.

* * *

For further information, contact
Jim Nisbet
email: In the hope of avoiding Frodo's struggle in the cave of Spiderville,
add and make all one word psi plus func plus the @ plus G plus mail plus le dot . plus com
-- for which effort we thank you.
And hey
Happy Trails.

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