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Trade editions of The Price of The Ticket, The Syracuse Codex, Dark Companion and The Octopus on My Head
are available direct from
Dennis McMillan Publications.
The author has some, too: see below.

Limited first editions of The Price of The Ticket, The Syracuse Codex, Dark Companion, and The Octopus On My Head are sold out. By all means visit Dennis McMillan's website to enjoy his acerbic opinions, as well as an amazing list of publications -- twenty-six years of titles -- to be found under the Bibliography button.

As to purchasing books from McMillan, please note the following, pasted direct:

"My online store does not work, period. I may get it fixed, some day, but I know not when. So, if you want to order a book or books with a credit card, no problem -- just call me up at 520-529-6636, or email me your card number in two separate emails, for security purposes. I can take any credit card save American Express."

Or you can email Dennis direct at: dennismcmillan @ AOL dot com.

I have a handful of over-run Morocco states of each of the four Dennis McMillan titles. These volumes, quarter-Morocco bound with hand French-marbled paper in a morocco slipcase, lack the onion-skin flyleaf with author's letter and signature essential to the limited first state, but remain a handsome collectible nonetheless.
Unopened and unsigned, $60.
Opened and signed, $75.

I have 16 boxed quarter morocco overruns of The Price of the Ticket
signed by both Jim Nisbet and S. Clay Wilson.
Priced at $75, half of any funds due to the sale of this particular book will be donated to
The S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust.

Limited quantities of out-of-print titles from other eras -- notably Black Lizard Books and Thumbscrew Press, as well a single title from Transitional Face -- are availabel direct from the author. Prices below, and email address below that.

Lethal Injection. Novel. Black Lizard Books, Berkeley, 1987. HB, mint. Signed by the author. $60.

Death Puppet. Novel. Black Lizard Books, Berkeley, 1989. HB, mint. Signed by the author. $25.
Novelty offer: package of three (3) mint copies of Death Puppet, shrink-wrapped by the printer (in a case of 36) in 1989. Unopened and unsigned. $60.

Prelude to a Scream. Novel. Carroll & Graf, New York, 1997. Currently out of stock. (Unless you want a library copy, signed by the author along with various others and stamped by a library. Knackered exterior but text untrammeled, unlined, and unmarked. Think of it as a reader's copy. HB. $25.)

Small Apt. Poetry. Thumbscrew Press, San Francisco, 1992, with photographs by Shelly Vogel. PB, mint. Signed by the author. $8.95.

Across the Tasman Sea. Poetry. Thumbscrew Press, 1997. Two states: letterpress cover by Alastair Johnston; offset cover by Carol Collier; both PB, both mint. Signed by the author. $10.

Laminating the Conic Frustum. A How-to book. Transitional Face, Berkeley, 1991. Original state, shrinkwrapped with DOS floppy disk, signed by the author. $35.

I also have to hand a smattering of titles in various languages other than English, as well as various letterpress broadsides. Copies of other titles in good to excellent condition come and go. Please inquire.

Please note that I have no copies of The Gourmet, The Damned Don't Die, Poems for a Lady, Morpho, Gnachos for Bishop Berkeley, or The Visitor. For literary details, consult the REVIEWS button. Many titles and their translations are available elsewhere on the internet, of course. But here you can get a few of them signed, dedicated, dated, inscribed, etc. For individual titles and media mail please add $5.00 for postage and handling. California residents please add 9-1/2% sales tax. For other terms and pricing, condense & email Jim c/o psifunc -at- gMail -dot- com.

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