Actuality is never frustrated because it is always complete.

The purpose of "intention" is to complicate a matter. A material paraphrase is a

Or as Guillevic says, "The problem is to do to things what light does to them."

Typing through sunglasses is, of course, an alternative.

There is no room for alternate illusions. There is barely room for the table and bed.

The World has changed its mind. Absolute consciousness is an absolute hoax.

We write in words to disguise ourselves, as a protection from the fact that words are
writing us.

Concentration is a problem for those obsessed with process. For those obsessed with
stasis, the opposite if concentration sets in, and there is a seeming dispersal
throughout all sensory regions.

One has the feeling that one is not living life, but life is living us.

An object is a condition of liberation.

Where is the missing balance?

Actualism poses the question, "Of the seven openings in the human body, why are
five of them located above the neck?"

Thoughts are concrete things.

Things are characterized more by their conditions more than their conditions are
characterized by them

"The useless is not horrible until it is bandaged with truth."

What, belabor the impossible?

--Darrell Gray

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*This printing of the original Actualism A Manifesto has been slightly
revised to clarify certain issues at hand. Those interested in the original
text should consult
Gum 9 in which it originally appeared.

(This version is reproduced from Essays and Dissolutions, by Darrell Gray. Abraxis Press, 1982.)