Hollywood\DSC000 Bulbs
An AVID Console for an Undisclosed Client
(discretion assured)...

...An edit console with mahogany bullnose, DPR (Drawn Path Robotics)-cut speaker enclosures,
laser-radiused upper & lower countertops, and a twelve-foot inflexible span, caster-mounted...

A large Panasonic flat screen mounts via retractable elbow/tilt mechanism
on the studio wall, between the Deco/Neuveau speaker enclosures.
What with one thing and another, we only have shop photos... Suffice to say, this job was a doozy...

The spacey globules randomly distributed throughout some of these photos
were caused by shop dust reflecting the camera flash.
Note Tee molding used to trim support-strut edges beneath the desk top
...untrimmed edges are hell on nylons...

This particular bullnose is mahogany, stained to match an ashtray base;
we stock straight-stuck 1-5/8" and 13/16" diameter bullnose in maple, eastern black cherry, and walnut,
but almost any wood species is possible. Radiused bullnose made to order.
We also represent laminates by Formica®, Ligna®, Nevamar®, WilsonArt®, and Abet Laminati®
(For the adventurous, Abet will supply a laminate that glows in the dark!)
and we enjoy accomodating unusual design features.
For more information on fabication & costs, contact

Jim Nisbet
Electronics Furniture
San Francisco