A media credenza commissioned by and for the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Goldwasser, of San Francsico.

Godldwasser Credenza

This tasty piece of furniture features the Ligna® flavor Armagnac. Trim elements, decorative detail, and the two doors are of ebonized wenge finished with Deft Clear Satin.
For a touch of the retro-futuristic, two different sizes of ebonite control knobs stand in for pulls & levelers.
Riley, the dog, is an Electronics Furniture consultant.
Aside from their chic look, the two wicker door panels facilitate the use of infrared remotes.

The client asked us to design & fabricate this credenza specific to a corner of their living room, its decor, and appurtenant media gear.


The various arcs and curves were formed by a laser, which device was informed by a CADD file
produced by Electronics Furniture.
The friendly and meticulous folks at San Jose Laser didn't mind taking a chance on burning the arc in the two wenge doors
-- especially after they found out they were to be ebonized!

After a lot of thought on the subject, we realized that wicker might prove to be an ideal material for door panels.
As indeed it turned out to be.
Its pourousness to infrared is an obvious advantage. But a peculiarity of furniture wicker also proved to be an interesting design element.
Once installed, wicker needs to be "finished" or sealed, on one side only, preferably with a laquer.
Well, Deft is a lacquer, brushable or sprayable, and we always have plenty on hand.
But a touch each of burnt sienna and raw umber universal tints gave the Deft an ideal tone for the wicker -- and sealed it too.
As icing on the cake, as it were, the drying lacquer draws the wicker panel taut, too.
You can see the difference in tone between an unfinished interior of a door panel
and a finished exterior in the first photo of the second row following below.

On site...

The Ligne® is "Armangnac". The substrait is 3/4" 13-ply A-B birch. The interior laminate is Nevamar HLT001T.

All photos by Lee Nisbet.

For more information on fabication & costs, contact

Jim Nisbet
Electronics Furniture
San Francisco