Studio Plan

A built-in desk --but not so built-in that, with minor modifications,
it's now in its second location in San Francisco...
With matching shelf unit, pyramidal frustum leg, and two-drawer file stack.
Photos by Lee Nisbet.

Ligna© 4453 "Natural Frise" on the countertop; brushed chrome grommets via Doug Mockett;
drawer faces, drawer box carcass exterior, & pyramidal frustum leg
(one of our specialties; inquire below)
ABET© Laminati 877 Millerighe; wall shelf unit laminated in ABET© 243 Soft.
Countertop and wall-mounted shelf unit trimmed in bleached 1-5/8" and 13/16" maple bullnose.
All substrate 13-ply 3/4" or 9-ply 1/2" A-B birch plywood.

For more information on fabrication & costs, contact

Jim Nisbet
Electronics Furniture
San Francisco

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