Studio Plan
A mix credenza for Asphodel LTD,
of San Francisco

..Eastern black cherry bullnose; Ligna "Honey" veneer; Nevamar "Charcoal Matrix" on visible sustrate and racks;
Cal Chassis BMR rack irons; powder black ventilation panels by Electronics Furniture; all substrate
13-ply 3/4" A-B plywood; California casters on two outboard 'docking' racks, finish by Restoration Finishes;
doors by Punchline; General Contractor, D.P.Sterns Construction, Co.; photos by Lee Nisbet.

Above we have various shots of the credenza, the mixing console it serves,
speaker stands (top angle calculated for sweet spot precision),
one of our work stations at work,
and a collision of destines.

If you'll notice the fuschia edge of the door leading into the mix studio,
last thumb on the first row, above, let's do a reverse angel into...
The Synthesizer Room...

The Ligna in the Synth Room is "Armangnac".
For more information on fabication & costs, contact

Jim Nisbet
Electronics Furniture
San Francisco